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1 Year Anniversary

Soon there will be the first year anniversary for this website. I don't quite remember the exact date but I recently renewed the domainname so then Ithought I would bring an update to the CMS-system the site is based on.

There will soon be new design ( although it will still look pretty much the same ) and a new logo designed by my brother.

I guess that is it - oh, and I am also still unemployeed so if anyone is looking for someone who knows webb, .NET and/or Java - look no further. ;)

John Castell

Choice of Color

I have an - somewhat - love interest with the scale of grey. I have gotten questions about the "lack of color" and yes, I am aware of it. It is an design desision on my end.
My "love" for the scale of grey has ABSOLUTELY NO meaning, or being an pun, on anything that is from the book 50 shades of Grey. Havent read it, so wont comment on it - but it is not an pun on it. There. :)


I am a daytime web-developer. At night I am
A web-developer!!


If you, your company or anyone you know - need an webb/Android/system-developer do not hesitate to contact me at my mail with a message about the company and any information that may be relative.
You can also visit my or my own CV to review my skills, education etc. etc.