Random quote

From the movie Disaster Movie. The actual quote isn't that funny alone, you kind of need the feel and the way it is said and the Juno-parody that is involved :P

What's the 411 on the 911?

Who am I?

My name is John Castell...

That is typically how I start an introduction to me. But who I am is probably more accurate someone who works to much - for someone who is unemployeed.
I am an avid videogame fan, and I like to take walks and listen to music. Just - dissapear for an hour or so.

Also I have an very, irrational fear of sea-creatures. Anything from the swamp-thing to sharks. :P
And I am allergic to nuts, peanuts and such nuts.

What is CasDev?

CasDev is short for Castell Development Production, non affiliation to any other known organism or faculty what so ever. Just an programmer pseudonum I use as an "small time" consulting web developer.

Small time meaning none-to-very-slim-activity.