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From the movie Disaster Movie. The actual quote isn't that funny alone, you kind of need the feel and the way it is said and the Juno-parody that is involved :P

What's the 411 on the 911?


School  :  yhC3L
School Form  :  Vocational University
Location  :  Tyresö, Stockholm, Sweden
Timeperiod  :  August, 2011 - May, 2013
Degree  :  Systemdevelopment with Java (80p)
Courses  : 
  • OOP
  • Database design/modelling - SQL
  • Operative system - WIN, Linux, Mac OS X
  • Agile working method, SCRUM
  • Webdev (J2EE)
  • Webdev (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
Skills aquired  : 

Work Experience

Upon today I havent gotten much work experience, althou the work experience I do have is/where extra-ordinair and nothing I could ever have changed.
I slightly hope that this site will help me get further into my career as an webbdeveloper.

Bazooka AB

Title  :  Intern / WebbDeveloper ( PHP )
Time period  :  October, 2014 - December, 2014
Description  :  I helped to start up, and develop a few new internal webb applications - such as the companies new internal communication channel ( a Wiki-like featured mind-map ) and I also got to work on WordPress-projects and Drupal-project - working on some features like Social Media-widgets ( Facebook, Twitter )
Skills used/aquired  : 

Sphinxly AB

Title  :  Intern / Webbdeveloper
Time period  :  January, 2013 - April, 2013
Description  :  .NET webbdeveloper at the webbureau Sphinxly. Work with customer support for customers of the CMS EasyWeb, new development, continued development and webbarchitecture.
Skills used/aquired  : 

Bergfotens IBK

Title  :  Intern / Consultant / Android-application
Time period  :  October, 2012 - January, 2013
Description  :  Did an Android-application for an floorball team/association to simplify the administrative work. Keep a track on who plays in what team and what match. Also an RESTful service, uploaded onto Google App Engine, which the application works with.
Skills used/aquired  : 

Hobby projects

Here I will put hobby project I am working on.

CasDev CMS

Generic?  :  Basicly. It is written / programmed so that it is an simple file that holds the connection to, and from, the database. After that an visible user interface will handle the logic, together with an server - so with that said... Yes! It should be completely generic with possibility to be included into an native phone application and so one.
Open-Source?  :  Simple answer is: No. The more complex and thourough is: No.
Written in  :  C#.NET
Done?  :  80 / 20
It has an working copy out in production ( see this ), but it is still under production.

jQuery plugin: Form Validation

An jQuery-plugin I am working on. It should find its way onto GitHub within soon I promise

Primarily focusing  :  Custom validation of HTML forms, with help of either regex or the length of any value coming from the variable
Complete?  :  More or less. It is used here, on my website to validate forms at the moment. It is - for example - used on the form that sends an Guestbook-message
Written in  :  JavaScript
jQuery-minimum  :  jQuery Core >= 1.6